Something Old + Something New

Something Old + Something New

My grandma Billye was many things. She was opinionated, outspoken and would laugh until she cried. She wore the same housecoat every morning, and she knew what was going on with everyone. All the time. You know, the dish. 

a photo of my grandma, billye.

She was also a quilter. My grandma made hundreds of quilts, and she gave them to everyone as gifts. If you knew her, quilt making is probably the first thing that would come to your mind. Years after she passed away, my mom gave me a stack of unfinished quilts and asked if maybe I could do something with them. 

While the idea of putting scissors to these beautiful, time-consuming works of art seemed almost sacrilegious, my practicality took over. It was time to bring these unfinished quilts out of a dark closet and into the world. I transformed them into my first quilted bag collection, and I was blown away by the response. My first collection sold out in minutes! Since then, I have made several collections of crossbody, travel and tote bags. 

I’ve even been commissioned by others to take old family quilts and turn them into useful items that can be used and enjoyed everyday.

Thank you all so much for supporting this new project, and I’m so grateful to find new homes for these pieces!

a hand holding up several vintage quilted crossbody bags
me holding up three vintage quilted travel bags

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