Strange Times

Strange Times

It would be the understatement of the year to say that the experience of a COVID-19 world has turned our lives upside down. 

When I received the email from Etsy urging sellers to consider making fabric face masks, I instantly jumped at the opportunity to include them in my shop. Because I already have a sewing machine and all of the fabric supplies, it made perfect sense to offer these much-needed supplies to shoppers.

The first masks I made were for friends and family, but it wasn’t long before I started receiving requests from buyers. As a creative maker, I’m always listening to the needs of my customers, and I knew it was time to work on a plan to provide face masks in my shop.

It's been so fulfilling to be able to meet the needs of customers during this difficult time. Thank you all so much for supporting my shop during this time, and I'm so proud to provide high quality everyday essentials like face masks!

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