Guide to Custom Tote Bags

Are you looking for something unique to carry around your everyday essentials? By popular request, I’m offering custom quilted tote bags, and this guide will walk you through all of the customization options.

Bag Size

Whether you’re looking for an oversize bag or a more standard tote, I can make the body of your tote bag with the dimensions you have in mind. This measurement is for the bag itself, excluding the strap length.

Strap Length + Color

Shorter or longer - you choose! This measurement is for the length of each strap, excluding the bag. I also have several color options available, including white, off white, black and brown.

Square Size

Are you wanting a smaller square pattern or a larger patchwork look? I have two sizes to choose from: 2.5-inch squares or 5-inch squares.


There are several options here. Either you can provide the fabrics yourself or you can choose from my collection of fabric. If you choose the latter, I’m happy to show you samples to choose from based on your preferences. If you have a preference for the lining fabric, be sure to let me know!


Would you like an external or internal pocket? Just let me know what size!


Would you like an embroidered square with a name or word on it? Or maybe a custom label with a phrase or special message? Let me know what you’re thinking!


Each bag is $50. This includes all customizations + shipping. Are you local? Let’s meet up, and I’ll buy you a coffee! 

Turnaround Time

I allow two weeks for these custom orders, but I often have these ready earlier. I’ll be in touch with you on my process time as I go along. Need your bag by a certain date? Be sure to let me know when making your request!

How to Order

Ready to request your custom quilted tote bag? Click the button below to get started! Once I receive your message, I'll contact you via email with a link to purchase + collect your bag customization requests. Once your invoice is paid, I will get started on making your bag!